Anything But Neutral, What is it?

This is a compilation of ideas we’ve had over the last few years, starting with our YouTube Channel, and branching off into a brand that represents more than just cars, but an idea. That ideas is that we’d rather not sit in neutral, coasting through life. We’d rather be engaged. I love my spouse, my family, my God, and my freedom. We don’t want to take any of those things for granted.

I’m determined for the next few years to try to make the most of my time on this planet to impact my children, my friends, my neighbors, and even people I haven’t met yet in a positive way. I want to meet like-minded people, and build a brand that people can relate to.

This is the beginning of that, I can’t wait to see what it looks like 5 years from now.

-Ryan Berkness, Co-Founder of Anything But Neutral

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Ryan Berkness